Shreds …

I was reminded today of the young engineer who was about to leave the office one evening when he unexpectedly encountered the CEO.

“Do you know how to work this thing?” said the CEO pointing at the shredder, “My secretary has already gone home and this document is very important and very sensitive.”

“Yes”, says the young hopeful, switching on the shredder and feeding in the document.

As it disappears the boss says “Just one copy will do”.

Presumed guilty …

In a democracy, you’re entitled to the presumption of innocence,” Senator Conroy told Channel 9.

Reports the Sydney Morning Herald

Well not in Julia Gillard’s democracy.


Reason for action to be presumed unless proved otherwise

(1)  If:

(a)  in an application in relation to a contravention of this Part, it is alleged that a person took, or is taking, action for a particular reason or with a particular intent; and

(b)  taking that action for that reason or with that intent would constitute a contravention of this Part;

it is presumed, in proceedings arising from the application, that the action was, or is being, taken for that reason or with that intent, unless the person proves otherwise.

In plainer English this means the employer is guilty of the complaint levelled by the employee unless he can prove otherwise – a reverse onus of proof. Ms. Gillard is the author of this act. Perhaps Mr. Conroy should ask Nicola the First Law Officer Roxon to explain that to him … she might have worked it out by now.