The evidence …

The evidence is sometimes hard to find and in complex cases can be hard to sift through.

Mr. Williamson of the HSU perhaps did the police a couple of favours by taking a few documents with him as he left the office yesterday. Could well be the first documents they look at!

Meanwhile, in Canada, a tandem hang gliding instructor swallowed the video card after he dropped off his client. Sadly, he dropped her off at about 1000 feet above the ground. Her boyfriend bought the flight as a gift and was waiting his turn for a ride when he saw her fall. The ride is videoed as part of the deal.

Police say a series of X-rays have confirmed the memory card is still inside William Orders, who has been charged with obstructing justice. Court documents allege the 50-year-old swallowed the card that stored digital video of the flight, which could be crucial evidence in the death of his client . He is to remain in custody while the card passes through his body.

And then more sifting.

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