Let’s shoot the whistleblower …

Whistles can be very distracting, they completely ruin the footy …

Kathy Jackson, was charged $40,882.16 by Toomey Pegg Lawyers between December and February to prepare her response to three minor findings against her in the draft report by Fair Work Australia.

When Fair Work Australia’s final report was released last week, two of the alleged breaches of the Registered Organisations Act against Ms Jackson had been dropped and she faced just one, concerning the failure to lodge a financial return in 2007 after she took over the union from the suspended MP, Craig Thomson.

Ms Jackson’s request for the union to pay her legal fees was rebuffed …

Ms Jackson said yesterday that she was ”very unhappy” about the decision, especially as the union had been picking up the legal fees of the suspended national president, Michael Williamson, and, until recently, the NSW ALP had footed the legal bill for Mr Thomson.

The Herald revealed yesterday that the low-paid members of the scandal-ridden union had so far paid about $150,000 to defend Mr Williamson, while Mr Thomson’s legal bills had reached $200,000.



One thought on “Let’s shoot the whistleblower …

  1. Very depressing to see the amount of money spent on those pricks. What makes it worse, is the money was provided by some of the lowest paid workers.

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