What dilemma … ?

Andrew Bolt brings us this from the Herald Sun …

LIBERAL MP Geoff Shaw’s taxpayer-funded parliamentary car and petrol cards were used on interstate delivery runs for his hardware supplies business over several months. Three whistleblowers connected to the Frankston MP’s hardware business have revealed the car, a Ford Territory, was used for Mr Shaw’s private commercial purposes in breach of parliamentary rules…

Photos obtained by the Sunday Herald Sun show the parliamentary car being loaded with Southern Cross Hardware supplies at the company’s headquarters in Carrum Downs in November.

Hansard records show that on November 8, 2011, while his taxpayer-funded car was being driven to Adelaide, Mr Shaw was in (the Victorian) Parliament where he spoke about government energy schemes and he invited the Tourism Minister, Louise Asher, to visit Frankston.

For a government with a one seat majority, a dilemma.

There is no dilemma. If this is found to be true then Mr. Shaw is unfit, he should be made to repay and resign. The alternative would prove that the Parliaments of Australia have learnt nothing from the Thomson affair.

And whilst assessing the collective intelligence of the Parliaments of Australia would have to be approached with caution it would be very sad if it were so low as to let this fester for the life of a government.

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