How much … ?

From the Australian

…Liberal MP Andrew Laming … estimated the cost of the carbon tax on hospitals at between $1044 and $2400 a bed this financial year. …

Tanya Plibersek doesn’t believe it …

A spokesman for federal Health Minister described Dr Laming’s analysis as deceitful. “The Commonwealth Treasury and Department of Health and Ageing estimate that the impact of the carbon price will only be 0.3 per cent on hospital costs,” he said. “This is equivalent to only 1c for every $3 spent on hospitals.

Sinclair Davidson at Catallaxy Files does the maths for us …

In 2009-10, an estimated $46.3 billion—about 3.6% of Australia’s gross domestic product or about $2,180 per person—was spent on Australia’s hospitals

So a quick back of the envelope (on dated data):
1/300 = 0.00333, then multiply that by 46.3 billion = 154.3 million. With about 85,000 beds across Australia that works out to $1815 per hospital bed on average – more or less what Andrew Laming estimates it to be.

So it looks like the carbon tax will be adding $154.3 million dollars to the health budget without any contribution to improved health outcomes.

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