Weakly …

Had to ban the Women’s Pathetically from the waiting room …

The paen of praise for our prime minister is permissible, freedom of speech is dear to me, but reasonable disclosure  of the author’s relationships should have been made.

Zoe Arnold wrote the piece, she is Craig Thomson’s wife, they have two children. When she told her own story in the same magazine it was pointed out to the reader that she was pregnant with their first child when accusations that the Labor MP had been using union funds to pay for prostitution first surfaced.

That would be the same child she was pregnant with when she bought the family home. She didn’t admit to a relationship with our Craig then either. That would have knocked the first home buyer privileges right on the head.

The south pole …

On 17 January 1912 Captain Robert Falcon Scott led a group of men to the South Pole. There he discovered that Raoul Amundsen had preceded them by five weeks.

The five members of Scott’s party died on the return trip.

These events have been analysed extensively and the most important difference between the two expeditions is usually said to be the mode of transport. Amundsen took the trouble to serve his apprenticeship in the Arctic, learnt from the Eskimo and chose dogs to pull him to the pole.

Scott on the other hand …

th… chose London Transport.

Well, not true, this is actually a photo from 1947 in England. Before it was fashionable to blame unusually cold weather on global warming, unusually cold weather just happened. Ignorant folks would blame it on the atom bomb. The tale of the exceptional winter of 1947 can be read <HERE>.

Viscount Monkton of Brenchley …

Easily the most interesting peer of the realm since Screaming Lord Sutch, the Viscount has been enthusiastically waging war on the warmists.

On a recent visit to Tasmania one of the warmists Mr Tony Press, chief executive of the Antarctic research centre, dismissed Monkton’s suggestion that there has been no global warming for at least 16 years, accused him of being unscientific and added the charge that Monkton was suggesting that scientists around the world were involved in “massive delusional group thinking”.

You can read Lord Monkton’s letter to the University of Tasmania  <HERE>. If you are thinking of writing a letter of complaint you could find worse models to follow. The vice chancellor’s email address is in the letter, I took the time to drop him a line saying how interested I am in his reply.

Screaming Lord Sutch’s album Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends was named in a 1998 BBC poll as the worst album of all time.

Sutch founded the Official Monster Raving Loony Party in 1983, he contested over 40 elections, after standing against Margaret Thatcher in 1983 the deposit required from candidates was raised from £150 to £500. At the Bootle by-election in 1990 he secured more votes than the candidate of the Continuing Social Democratic Party (SDP), led by former Foreign Secretary David Owen.  The ignominy was such that  the SDP dissolved itself within days.

Several biographies have been written, sadly none were called Sutch ‘is life.