Emmett’s disciple …

Got talking with a guitar player today. Lovely guy, named Wayne Monger.

Back in the 70’s one Emmett Chapman developed an instrument that is essentially a guitar and a bass mounted side by side on a near vertical plank. The strings are tapped rather than plucked. The result gives the soloist a harmonic freedom and range that would give the piano a run for its money, the Chapman Stick. Wayne is a convert …

or try this from Robert Culbertson

Local government bullying …

Dear City of Melbourne,

I do hope that council has read and considered the article published <HERE>.  Especially taking note of the comments.

Yours faithfully,

Robert McGee.


Dear Robert,

Thank you for your feedback.

This feedback has been recorded and passed onto the Parking and Traffic team for their information.

Should you require further assistance please contact us again by phoning 03 9658 9658.


Sam on behalf of  Customer Relations | Customer Relations Branch

City of Melbourne | | Council House 1, 200 Little Collins Street Melbourne 3000  | GPO Box 1603 Melbourne 3001
T: 03 9658 9658 | F: 03 9654 4854 | http://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au | http://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/whatson
Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Respect, Excellence

Don’t you love this bit … Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Respect, Excellence.

I will be voting NO in the referendum concerning recognition of Local Government in the constitution.

More heat than light …

Just imagine a world with a carbon tax so great that energy was so expensive that all the industrialized countries reduced their carbon emissions by 60%.

We could stay home, cold in the winter and hot in the summer and rejoice in the knowledge that by 2050 we will have reduced global warming by 0.064°C, by 2100 our privation will make a difference of 0.192°C. Hey guys that’s very nearly two whole tenths of one degree!

This assumes that climate sensitivity is 3.0°C in line with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC).  This is probably an overestimate, recent global temperature behavior makes a value of 1.5°C more likely. In which case the reduction would be less …  0.042°C by 2050, 0.116°C by 2100.

Of course Australia’s contribution would be about 1.34% of that i.e. less than 0.0026°C by 2100 (at 3° sensitivity or 0.0016°C at 1.5°.)

You wouldn’t notice the difference in temperature but you would notice the difference in the cost of living.

The background to these calculations can be found at The Cato Institute where you can find a handy little calculator to try some other scenarios.

Blind man’s buff …

Our Kevni has certainly hit the ground running.

The populace were waiting for his predecessor with a baseball bat. We had a long shopping list that we would tick off as we enjoyed that delicious democratic moment. Oh, how I longed for it.

Kevni has a pretty good idea of what’s on the list and in an instant he has announced fixes for everything. The details, naturally, will have to come later. And, of course, we get to pay for it all later.

The trouble with most of what politicians do lies in the unintended consequences. Policy made in a rush, bargains struck in a hurry, are likely to have more than their fair share of side effects.

Oh, but how it’s galvanised the ABC. They were sounding quite down in the dumps before the latest palace coup, it’s a pleasure to hear them now, so up beat as they announce Abbott gaffes as fast as they can invent them. Every cloud …

And what a boon for the advertising industry. Every asylum seeker sitting down to breakfast in Indonesia only has to open their copy of the Age to know that they won’t be staying in Australia thanks to advertising paid for by the Australian taxpayer. Maybe that’s why the Age hasn’t made as much fuss about the new Labor asylum seeker policy as it did about the rather less draconian Howard policy of days gone by. Of course, only a cynic would point out that the advertising won’t reach the asylum seekers, it’s entirely about getting Labor re-elected.

Fleetcare, NLC and local car manufacturers are probably not so thrilled. Unintended consequences have caught up with them already.

Cyclone Kevni, whirling around, generating enormous wind. If you’re going to hit the ground running you really should take off the blindfold first.

Informed dissent …

At a time when we can have a homelessness bill like this …

Full marks to the Minister for Housing and Homelessness, Mark Butler, for keeping a straight face during his second reading speech. “This bill,” he told the house, “is aimed at increasing recognition and awareness of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.”

That is all there is to this spineless, sanctimonious statute — enlarged recognition and awareness raising. Its passing will be without consequence; homelessness will be as miserable an experience as it has always been, and the chances of finding a home will not have improved one jot. The act comes with no funding and no specific measures.

… it’s good to come across an article like this …

Awareness-raising campaigns impute to their advocates the values of intelligence, sensitivity, broadmindedness, sophistication and enlightenment. For that reason, the mission of raising awareness has become a key cultural resource for those who want to distinguish themselves from others. Awareness-raisers are invariably drawn towards inflating the behavioural and cultural distinctions between themselves and the rest of society; they are preoccupied with constructing a lifestyle that contrasts as sharply as possible to the lifestyles of their moral inferiors. What is really important about their lifestyles is not so much the values they exhort, but that they are different, in every detail, from the lives led by obese, junk-food eating, gas-guzzling, xenophobic and fundamentalist consumers of the tabloid press and junk culture.

I owe the very apt expression “informed dissent” to one of the commentators on the latter article. Thanks, mate.