Peppa spray …

One of the unintended consequences of Mr Abbott’s budget is the threat to Peppa Pig.

Pigs are raised for food, not for decoration, not for their perfume. How insensitive is the ABC to broadcast Peppa Pig without so much as a trigger warning. Kids confronted with their bacon and eggs at breakfast are in grave danger of PTSD.

And does the ABC not realise that pigs are not halal. How culturally insensitive.

How long before the pig police … hang on, is that a tautology? … catch up with them?

I call on you now, Mark Scott, slaughter this nefarious pig this very instant, make it your highest priority, set aside any concerns you may have about bias or balance, cease worrying about any offence the Chasers may have given to dog fuckers everywhere. Do it now … humanely, of course.

It will make an old man happy, of all the drivel that it has been my grandfatherly duty to endure Peppa Pig is without doubt the worst.

The juvenilia …

Recently some of the juvenilia have prevented Sophie Mirabella and Julie Bishop from putting forward their view on life.

Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne have cancelled engagements to speak at universities.

This is not a phenomenon confined to Australia. There is an interesting article in this week’s edition of Time by David Von Drehle.

These are salad days for organizers of petition drives …

Zealous students at such institutions as Brandeis University, Smith College and Rutgers University have leveraged social media to drive away invited graduation-day speakers.

He takes a fairly forgiving stance …

Fish swim, birds fly, students protest. Anyone who has been 20 years old surely recalls the fierce clarity of a college student’s mind. The sharp steel of a whetted education, undulled by the nicks and scrapes of experience, makes for the slashing brilliance that breeds innovators and artists – and revolutionaries.

He observes that …

So far the young thought police have used their powers to enforce left-wing purity, amid signs that todays students have moved beyond identity politics to new orthodoxies.

Their victims include Christine Lagarde, Ayaan Hirsi, Condoleezza Rice and Robert Birganeau.

His conclusion is that …

If America’s treasured institutions of higher learning are to remain bastions of free speech and arenas of robust debate, there must be grownups ready to defend those ideals.

… but to keep our sympathy alive for the children he finishes with a nice journalistic flourish, a quote from a protest song that the grownups will identify with.

What he didn’t say was that many of these students will go on to work for Time and other mainstream media, continue to push the new orthodoxies, albeit without the kicking and screaming and continue to ensure that only one side of debate gets a hearing. Perhaps he hopes to write for Time again …

I really haven’t seen much of the slashing brilliance, just a rabble incapable of putting a coherent argument, elevating trivia to a level of significance quite beyond its true importance and determined that the rest of us will toe their line. Times they are not changing for the better.


Reproducible …


(Shamelessly filched from Jo Nova who I hope will not be suing the pants off me. Jo, these days I look a lot better with them on.)

Reproducibility is a corner stone of the scientific method. The climate science establishment seem very loath to give others the opportunity to check the working. You will  quickly unearth a catalogue of refusal to provide data if you search on for example “data refusal Phil Jones” or “data refusal Steve McIntyre”.

It happens that one Brandon Shollenberger claims to have received the data behind John Cook’s controversial study on the 97 % consensus (only 3% consensus free, folks, order yours now). He let the University of Queensland know. The free steak knives were flashing in no time …

They wrote him a letter which, at the moment, you can read <HERE>.

Jo Nova tells us what she really thinks.