Hi and welcome. I’m glad you dropped by.

It would be great if you stayed and joined the conversation. If you take the trouble to write a comment I will post it even if I disagree with it. The exceptions are comments that may be defamatory or are downright obnoxious. But please take the time to think first, be fair to yourself and your point of view by avoiding abuse. Remember, this material may be viewed by adults.

Just so you know me a little better, I am a retired Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon free now to spend my days bird watching and my nights pretending to be a musician. I live in the Victorian Goldfields, the nearest towns are Maryborough and Avoca. It’s a 25km trip for a takeaway pizza so I make my own pizza dough (and bake my own bread). The telephone line is not ADSL capable and I’m out of range of the mobile phone service. My connection to the internet is via satellite therefore slow, rationed and occasionally interrupted.

I am a vegetarian, an atheist and bald … so half way to being a Buddhist.  My political views are right of centre but I am proud to say that some of my best friends are green. I share their concern for the planet and biodiversity but unlike them I believe that an affluent society is much better placed to care for it than an impoverished society that can hardly feed itself.

And the meaning of life … who knows?

and I do apologise if You Tube have tagged an advert onto that.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Bob, your funny. Coming Oz in a few months with the better half. Planning on staying for a year driving around that amazing country. Hope to run into you, not literally but you get it…..

  2. Thank you for your wonderful words about Clive, you summed him up perfectly, he was a truly wonderful man and will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

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