Parque Nacional da Serra da Canastra …

Twelve hours on the road will get you across the state of Minas Gerais from Caratinga to São Roque de Minas, site of the closest hotel to the Canastra National Park.

The great attraction of this part of Brazil is the Giant Anteater, not easy to find anywhere this is where your chances are best. The park opens at 8 am … unless of course it’s on fire.

A major grass fire was ripping through the park, it was closed for the two days we were in the neighbourhood. Not an unfamiliar situation for an Australian.

There is a stream at the foot of the range with some remnant forest and not too far away the private Reserva Natural da Cachoera do Cerradão. The birdlife is prolific and colourful. Another primate graced us with fair views, the Maked Titi Monkey.

The contest for the most beautiful bird in Brazil would be a very difficult one to judge but at the Reserva we saw both the Pin-tailed and Helmeted Manakins, both would be in with a chance.

And wandering across the countryside a distant Giant Anteater …


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