Julia goes viral …

The video of Julia lambasting Tony Abbott in the House yesterday has, it seems, gone viral. Feminists everywhere are thrilled, it is featured by the Guardian no less, has been widely praised and is set to knock off GangNam Style in the popularity stakes.

Outside our shores, and outside its context, it can take on a life of its own. Feisty woman yells abuse at man in suit. Advanced abuse, multi-syllables. Colour and movement, flaming hair, etc.


But remember, this virago is our Prime Minister, this tirade is in defence of a man who has shown himself to be devoid of respect for women by his language and behaviour but who is useful to the government. The abuse is aimed at the leader of the opposition who she says hasn’t done enough to distance himself from comments made not by him, not by a member of the parliamentary Liberal party, comments that Mr. Abbott has said he disagrees with, comments in stark contrast to his own words of condolence said so recently in the House. It is utter hypocracy, and it failed, Mr. Slipper had sufficient decency to resign.

It is not so long ago that this woman said “Game on.” It’s a game she’s losing badly …

… and what a sore loser she is

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