Surely not the Age …

Mark Baker in today’s Age

THE disgraced former boyfriend of Prime Minister Julia Gillard took a leading role in the purchase with stolen union funds of a Fitzroy unit bought in the name of a union crony, new documents reveal.

The documents also confirm that Ms Gillard intensely managed legal work on the 1993 transaction – without advising her senior partners at law firm Slater & Gordon of the involvement of boyfriend Bruce Wilson.

It even mentions the words “slush fund” and Mr. Baker follows up with this … Sold to the union man … on the questions that should have been asked and weren’t at the Canberra news conference which Julia hoped had put the matter to bed.

There is, of course nothing new about this news, although the Age has studiously avoided the story. Bear in mind that two reporters – Glenn Milne and Michael Smith – last year lost their jobs for trying to covert this. It’s worth following the links simply to read how a quality journalist eventually polishes a story that the blogosphere has worked up for him over many months.

It really can’t be an accident and is the timing not a bit sus, overshadowed by Mr. Slipper’s departure?

Has the Age decided to play a part in saving Labor from its disastrous leadership or are there really new documents that the Age knows are going to make them look foolish for continuing to ignore the story?

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