Brazil …

The Brazil travel series has been a great success for the blog … traffic has increased dramatically. Thank you to every one that has visited, do come again it ain’t finished yet.

But now seems a good time to say a few thank yous.

A wildlife trip to foreign parts is a complex undertaking. If you were to organise it yourself you’d have to research the places, the animals, the accommodation, connecting travel and more. And you still wouldn’t be as up to speed as the local talent.

Australia is home, here I do my own leg work. Overseas I go to Zegrahm Expeditions, they have taken me to both ends of the earth and many places in between. They deliver a superb product.

The trip to Brazil was led by Mark Brazil, yeah, really. He is English, lives in Japan and leads trips to some magnificent wild destinations. I first met him on a trip to Iceland. He has a PhD in avian ecology. He is very generous with his knowledge but just as importantly he will look after you while you are his guest.


The local talent was Frederico Tavares cofounder of Brasil Aventuras. Brazilians are an open warmhearted people but Fredge stands out as even more warmhearted than the rest. This man knows his wildlife, shares his knowledge and will shepherd you through airports where English may not be spoken and procedures may be a little different. These two guys have been working together for a few years now and have ironed out most of the wrinkles but they are not resting on their laurels. After our trip was over they were off to research more sites of interest, check out the accommodation and look for ways to make a trip to Brazil even better.

Thanks guys, many thanks.

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