Rwanda …

Rwanda was a member of the UN Security Council in 1994 …

Back in April 1994, as the massacre of Tutsis rolled out, Rwanda’s diplomat in the UN Security Council, Jean Damascene Bizimana, firmly told colleagues there was no genocide and they agreed. Eighteen years later, Rwanda is back to the 15-member exclusive club. In a secret ballot, the country scooped 148 votes from the 192 cast – way ahead of the 128 required.

The UN did not distinguish itself in Rwanda …

Despite hearing evidence of the targeted mass-murder of Tutsis by interahamwe militias in 1994, the critics say the UN deliberately avoided labelling the slaughter as ‘genocide’. As a result, they avoided being obliged to protect the Tutsis and the genocide continued …  The massacres stopped in July.

On 21 April, while genocide raged, 11 Belgian peacekeepers were killed. As a result, instead of increasing forces, the UN reduced their forces from 2,500 to only 250.

On April 30, under intense pressure, the UN debated whether they should intervene in Rwanda to stop the massacres in Rwanda. The UN debated about the unfolding situation in Rwanda, and whether or not the International Community should intervene to prevent the escalation.  The UN forces on the ground were forbidden to intervene to protect people; instead they had to “monitor” the situation.

Estimates of the number that died vary, somewhere in the vicinity of 800,000 seems about right.

And now we’re bus monitors, too. Let’s hope the bus will start …


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