Punishing the innocent …

… and taxing the poor.

Serious criminal activity is sometimes punished with quite a severe talking to and a slap on the wrist, mostly it’s not punished at all. And after a hundred burglaries or drink driving offences, hell, what does it matter. But you won’t get a suspended sentence for speeding or parking offences.

State government is addicted to gambling and speeding. Local government is addicted to parking. It’s easy to punish the people involved they mostly have a job and a reputation and are decent folk. They have something to lose if they don’t pay their bills.

It goes a long way to explaining why drug deals are going down openly in Smith Street, Fitzroy whilst parking offences are vigorously punished. You can shop lift to the value of $50 with no chance of being prosecuted but a kilometer over the magic number and here comes a hefty speeding fine.

A parking fine can make a big dent in a family budget, just ask Dawn Walker.

Dawn works in the operating theatres at Como Hospital, Parkdale, has done for years. She parks in the street nearby, has done for years. She did that the other morning just before 9 am and at the end of her shift she was amazed to find a parking ticket affixed to her windscreen. A No Standing sign had been put up next to her car at about midday, the parking ticket was issued at 1 pm.

City of Kingston, way to go.


One thought on “Punishing the innocent …

  1. FYI: Received an official City of Kingston letter on Friday, dated 6th November, stating that my application for internal review concerning the above parking infringement has been received and is in the process of being considered. I need take no further action until advised by this office. As the letter is dated 6th November, which was Melbourne Cup Day, I can now understand why the City of Kingston so greatly needs my money – they must be paying Public Holiday rates!!

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