Smear …

Which raises the question of Ms Bishop’s actions as a lawyer representing CSR …

A few things that she didn’t do …

Julie Bishop:
– did not have an affair with a CSR board member,

– did not create a slush fund for her lover kept secret from the CSR board,

– did not create a file kept secret from her partners,

– did not prepare a slush fund with a deceptive name to make it seem it was for the benefit of CSR workers,

– did not fail to go to police when her lover used that fund to steal $400,000 meant to improve safety for CSR workers,

– did not help the lover (unwittingly) spend $100,000 of that stolen money to buy him a house,

– did not witness a power of attorney in her boyfriend’s favor that the donor claims was witnessed without him present and on a different date than the one stated.

– did not have anyone from CSR work on her renovations,

– did not have a builder she used turn up to CSR headquarters demanding payment, and

– did not get shown the door by her partners as a consequence of what she did.

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