Theatre of the absurd …

Back in the old country …

The council worker is suing bosses after accusing colleagues of making racist comments – including constantly greeting him with ‘G’day, sport’.

Mr Stephens, 48, is a community warden who has lived in Britain for 26 years.

He said he was on a ‘cocktail of anti-depressants’ because of the constant abuse which he claims will ‘eventually kill him’.

He added that he asked fellow wardens to stop making Australian jokes, but they continued.

They regularly greet him by saying ‘G’day, sport’ and ‘Is your girlfriend called Sheila?’.

Other phrases include ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie’ and jokes about kangaroos.

Stupid Australian …

The Daily Mail reports that the row started after New Zealander Chelsea O’Reilly called the police following a fight between her neighbour Petra Mills and her husband in Macclesfield, England.Ms O’Reilly said: “She called me a stupid, fat Australian …

Judge Brian Donohue …

“The word Australian was used. It was racially aggravated and the main reason it was used was in hostility,” he said.

She was fined 110 pounds ($168) for racially aggravated public disorder, 50 pounds to be awarded to Ms O’Reilly and 500 pounds to cover all court costs.

Stupid poms …

We couldn’t be that stupid could we? However, Nicola’s on the case …

For the first time ever, discrimination on the basis of “political opinions” will be unlawful. 

Further, the bill defines discrimination to be any “conduct that offends, insults or intimidates” another person (see Section 19 here). That means that expressing an opinion that offends someone else’s political opinions is now grounds for discrimination if it occurs in certain contexts, such as in the workplace.

Stupid Australians.

But the stupid Kiwi can have the penultimate word …

Miss O’Reilly, 21, who has dual British and New Zealand nationality, told magistrates: ‘She knew I was from New Zealand. She was trying to be offensive. I was really insulted.’

Insulted to be called an Australian, as an Australian I find that very insulting … where do I collect the compo?


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