Our Tim …

I had got the notion that all he did was race around in the prime ministerial car but apparently our Tim is passionately working for the cause of mens’ health.

To that end he has composed a racy little advertising jingle …

If you have to get it checked
Don’t be glum
Get a little Asian girl
To poke you in the bum.

I’ve got just the lady for him.

Greens leader Christine Milne thought it tasteless. Shows the importance of keeping your fingers out of your mouth.

Nicola Roxon will be delivering us from all of this by making it illegal to offend anyone, although the government will be exempt, I wonder if that exemption extends to the first bloke.


One thought on “Our Tim …

  1. Our glorious leader surrounds herself with tireless worker’s for the cause of the downtrodden proletariat .Let all you oppressive fascists, be aware !

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