The Barons of NSW …

Professor Gillian Triggs is President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, a body that seems to exist only to harvest complaints about discrimination …

Prof. Triggs :  … If I may say so, I went to an interesting lecture by the foreign minister the other day to celebrate the Magna Carta, quoting the fundamental principles of the Magna Carta that no man—or presumably woman—can be charged or held without a trial of their peers. It seems extraordinary—

Senator BRANDIS: I do not think the barons at Runnymede had friends like Mr Eddie Obeid and Mr Ian Macdonald, unlike our foreign minister, who speaks with eloquence about the Magna Carta …

Remember Thursday, September 12, 1991 …

The opposition leader, Bob Carr, jumped to his feet saying: ”I propose Edward Moses Obeid, OAM, as an eligible person to fill the vacant seat.”

That was the moment that Mr Obeid’s remarkable political career began, and our sonorous foreign minister was his sponsor.

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