Oh Canada …

Regulators running riot …

In a potent reminder of the arbitrary censorial powers of Canadian liquor authorities, a rum cheekily named for pornographic actor Ron Jeremy was pulled from Manitoba store shelves after customers complained it was obscene.

Dubbed Ron de Jeremy, the liquor’s label features an image of Ron Jeremy’s face above the taglines “the adult liquor” and “long smooth taste.”

Andrea Kowal, spokeswoman for Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries, said Manitoba liquor stores were ordered to remove the product from shelves late last week after authorities “erred on the side of caution” following several customer complaints.

On Thursday, however, after the decision was publicized, the rum was restocked after liquor authorities determined that it did not, in fact, have any obscene content. “There’s nothing offensive about the name of the product or its label; you have to know who Ron Jeremy is and what his former profession was — and then that has to offend you,” said Ms. Kowal.

“I’m just happy this whole drama is behind us and we can work on getting rum to the Canadian people,” said Olli Hietalahti, the CEO of One Eyed Spirits, the maker of Ron de Jeremy, speaking by phone from Finland.

It’s remarkably easy to be offended …

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