Paradise …

Breakfast on the front verandah. A glorious day. We have been in the grip of a heat wave and it has finally broken. Last night I slept under the covers. This morning the world is made new.

Fifi McGee, the foxiest Fox Terrier in the world, is racing around like a puppy. Every Galah, Cockatoo and Corella is celebrating raucously.


The view from my breakfast table.

As I ate breakfast a family of Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes worked their way along that avenue of trees having their breakfast too. They are very fond of caterpillars. Red-rumped Parrots have been flashing past, the males like flying jewels. Welcome Swallows have been passing in large flocks, their migration must be just getting underway.

If I walk around the house, the view to the east is across the vineyard, across a permanent creek where I have seen platypus the last couple of days, to a reserve. The trees there are River Red Gums and Grey Box, a little further up the slope there are some beautiful Yellow Gums. White-browed Woodswallows have been hanging around there all summer and you can always find the resident Brown Treecreepers and their friends. The regular Swamp Wallabies have been joined this year by a mob of Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Finally it feels like autumn, at last a day to pick grapes …


Just one problem, no grapes.

It has been very dry this summer. I have ground water but it is too salty for irrigation. Last week there was a small crop, not quite ready. This week there is no crop at all. The birds have stripped the lot.

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