Carbon tax …

The carbon tax, that Julia and Wayne promised we would not have, is designed to increase the cost of energy.

I played the Inverloch jazz festival again this year, in the past it has had problems with flood, this year it happened to coincide with a heatwave. One of the venues is a council hall. To avoid the carbon tax the council would not turn on the air conditioning. The result was that the audience fled to the one hall that they could sit in without melting whilst some great musicians played to an almost empty house.

The availability of affordable energy is almost the measure of a civilisation. In hot places like Australia or in cold places like the UK people on low incomes are being forced to make a choice between keeping their houses at a comfortable temperature and putting food on their tables.

But the most ridiculous side effect of this ridiculous tax, ridiculous because it will have no impact on the world’s climate, is the burden placed on hospitals.

VICTORIA’S cash-strapped hospitals have been hit with an extra $6.7 million in energy costs due to the carbon tax in just six months, new data reveals. State government analysis of hospital bills shows carbon charges made up on average 15 per cent of hospital energy bills. Herald Sun.

How incredibly stupid …

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