Why … ?

I awoke this morning and turned on the TV for the news.

The Boston Marathon, horror and confusion, casts yet another shadow over our notion of civilisation. How could anyone think this an appropriate thing to do?

A few hours later and some of the confusion has been replaced with the early assessment of the damage. Three dead, including an eight year old boy, at least 141 people injured, limbs lost, shrapnel wounds from ball bearings, packed into the bombs to do maximum damage to soft bodies. The Boston Marathon crowd, a soft target …  was the eight year old there to cheer his mum or dad at the finish of the race? My mind rails against the injustice, my sympathy goes to those who suffer.

How could anyone do it? What is wrong in their sick heads to justify it? There will be people celebrating this travesty. Sick.

Having an absolute certainty of your cause, an absolute belief in your religion, an absolute loyalty to some dogma must make it easier. Thinking of the people you aim to bombard with shrapnel as something other than human must make it easier, as well. I feel sorry for the victims, but I also feel sorry for people whose brains are so distorted that they think wounding and killing will do some good for them or their cause.

Sorry, but not so sorry that I would excuse them a punishment that makes them feel very sorry for themselves.

Understanding why such things happen defies me, but clues may be found in such phrases as “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. In 1984, seven tons of arms, ammunition and explosives were seized by the Irish Navy. They had been shipped from Boston. Men went to prison on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1986 the FBI foiled a plot to fly rifles, missiles and bullet proof vests from Boston to Ireland. In 1990 a group of IRA supporters were jailed in Boston for trying to smuggle a home-made missile system to Ireland. The group is also believed to have supplied detonators from 1982-88. How many Bostonians dropped a few coins into the can for the IRA?

No eight year old kid deserves to be blown up, anywhere, any time.

How long before it happens in Australia?

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