History …

The budget’s in and the love media does its best …

Cornered Labor chooses brave way out

thunders the Silly Morning Herald. Under which, there is a lengthy article that does its best to be kind but can’t quite draw the veil over Labor’s utter incompetence admitting along the way that most of the measures in the budget are unlikely to pass into law before the election and …

No, the purpose of this budget is not vote-buying – it is reputation-rescuing, a last-ditch attempt to influence what history will say about the Rudd-Gillard government  as an economic manager.

But there are savings …

The strength of this budget – should it come to pass –  is that Swan has found sufficient saving measures (90 per cent of them tax increases) to cover the cost of the painfully slow phase-in of the disability insurance scheme, the Gonski school funding reforms and other new spending measures.

… well not so much savings actually tax increases.

The SMH poll reveals …

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 7.21.46 AM

In the Fin Review Laura Tingle also plays up the heroism …

Swan’s bold retreat in face of political defeat

… and compares the budget with Russia’s scorched earth policies. She perhaps didn’t stop to think that the scorched earth in question isn’t only the country the new government must march over, it’s also the country we poor peasants have to live in.

At the same time, it is a strategy that locks in its legacy reforms in education and disability.

The ALP have been in power since Saturday 24 November 2007, their so called legacy reforms are not yet in place. A treasurer who cannot budget a year in advance pretends to plan the first ten years of these twin embryos lives! Give me a break.

Colour and movement, like everything else this government gives us, it’s been spun so hard it comes out dizzy. It does serve though, to keep us from thinking about the $1.1 billion dollar surplus promised last year, which over recent weeks has burgeoned auction style into a $17 billion deficit and finally comes in at $19.4 billion.

History beckons, Mr Swan …

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