After dark …

Burglars in New South Wales should be quite safe from the police during the hours of darkness … but watch out for the vigilantes …

WHEN police scaled back their search for toddler Tyler Kennedy at nightfall on Friday, nearby residents refused to give up, turning out in droves to scour the thick bushland where he had disappeared.

With temperatures plunging to 6C, the community of Johns River, on the mid-north coast (of NSW), feared two-year-old Tyler could die of exposure …

Soon after the official search was scaled down at 5.30pm, more than 100 volunteers joined the only remaining police officer on the scene and the search was back on.

By 1.15am, a group of volunteers found Tyler in thick scrub  … , covered in scratches and bitterly cold, was reunited with his distraught mother Amanda Kennedy. “I was speechless when they said they had to call it off,” Ms Kennedy, 21, said. “My heart stopped and I walked away. I couldn’t handle it.

“We thought, ‘OK, we’ll call in our own search party and get everyone out there to find him’.”

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