Ms Ogyny …

And perhaps then you will reflect on the darts of the pygmies who sneer at success.

Great line that, I must remember it.

Surprising thing is that it comes from the Labor side of politics. In fact it’s from John McTernan in defense of Kyle Sandilands. You will remember Kyle, of course …

The radio and television personality is well known for his controversial antics which include asking a 14-year-old girl live on air about her sexual experiences and calling a journalist a ”fat slag” after she penned a negative review about his television show.

He and Jackie O were fortunate enough to get the first media interview with Miss Gillard after the leadership challenge back in March. You will remember Miss Gillard …

Let’s go through the Opposition Leader’s repulsive double standards, repulsive double standards when it comes to misogyny and sexism.

Subsequently Kyle got to play the rabbit …


Since then Kyle, who is on first name terms with Miss Gillard, has offered to lend her his convertible Rolls Royce phantom.

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