As who you know …

GEORGE Brandis: Was Ms Suzanne Jones on the initial short list?

Glanville: She was on the second short list.

Brandis: She was not on the first short list?

Glanville: No…

What happened between drawing up the two lists? Mark Dreyfus became Attorney General …

Brandis: I do not doubt that Ms Jones was an experienced industrial law specialist … What strikes me as surprising about this appointment is that I know from conversations I have had with many senior figures in the court is that the court was looking in this particular case for a family law specialist to handle the family law list, which comprises 80 per cent of its work, and instead, from the large number of applicants for the position received, it ended up with an industrial law specialist with no background in family law matters at all.

And the winner, announced by Mr Dreyfus, is …

The wife of ACTU secretary Dave Oliver. Her prize is the $314,000 job as a judge of the Federal Circuit Court.

Suzanne Jones is a former ACTU advocate and is joining the judiciary just 19 months after the government made her a commissioner of the Fair Work Commission.

It ain’t so much what you know …

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