Footnote …

Mr Slipper, believe it or not, is still drawing a salary at the taxpayers’ expense.

Yesterday he made a valedictory address although he wasn’t promising not to stand again for the seat of Fisher. He used parliamentary privilege to accuse the opposition of plotting against him. According to the Australian …

Mr Slipper said former attorney-general Nicola Roxon had mentioned the possibility of an “Ashbygate” royal commission.

“I have spoken to other senior ministers in the government, I do understand that matter is under active consideration …

It’s not hard to imagine Ms Roxon embarking on such a venture, it would be well inside the very elastic envelope of her judgement. Nor is it unusual for someone facing criminal charges to say “Hey, investigate someone else”.

Pathetic man, a footnote to history.

Just remember, wearing someone elses slippers can lead to a nasty case of tinia.


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