Drysdale …

Our original Kimberley itinerary provided for a visit to both the well-known sites for Black Grasswren, Bachsten Gorge and the Mitchell Plateau. We were a day late arriving at Bachsten, we were having so much fun there that we stayed a day longer than intended and we decided that the journey out should be taken at a more sedate pace than originally intended. We decided that the Mitchell Plateau would have to wait for another trip.

Our next stop was Drysdale River Station. There is a full facility camp site at the homestead, full of people. We camped two nights at Miner’s Pool, less than 5km away, where we had to share with just a couple of other parties.


It’s a beautiful spot, and we were pleased to find a couple of spectacular birds there, the Purple-crowned Fairywren and the Black-necked Stork. The Fairywren lives in waterside pandanus and the females are just as beautiful as the males, in their own understated way. The Storks are not particularly rare in tropical Australia but always great to see.

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