Give a dog …

… a bad name and then hang him.

I have no brief for Geoff Shaw, if he has corruptly misused his government car and other entitlements then let him face the consequences. If a former prime minister permitted the corrupt misuse of her government car let her face the consequences, too. But, hey, fair go with the other stuff.

Yesterday we saw some ugly footage of Mr Shaw pushing over a protester. You can find it on Youtube, I won’t bother putting a link. It shows just enough of the incident to give the impression of nasty Mr Shaw pushing over a poor old man. Today we can see the incident from an earlier point. You can watch it <HERE>. Clearly on this charge Mr Shaw has no case to answer.

Politicians should have safe access to their workplace, it is ridiculous that they should have to run the gauntlet of violent protesters.

And how useful were the protective services officers at the top of the steps?

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