Miss Gillard regrets …

Our former prime minister has a few regrets. Not dumping more thoroughly on that nice Mr Rudd at the first opportunity was one. Another was not piling another deception on top of the lie about the carbon tax, this little quote may help you follow her line of thought …

People have heard a lot of debate about a carbon tax, and today can I say to Australians the debate that they are hearing about a carbon tax is a debate about what Tony Abbott calls a carbon tax . . .

well maybe not. Hardly surprising that someone who hadn’t a clue where they were going isn’t really sure about where they have been.

One thing we can be sure of though, is that she was a great success. So much so that Julia Gillard the movie is on its way. Richard Keddle will be adding it to his string of blockbuster hits and sets the scene …

“She was extraordinarily successful in her performance as a prime minister but not in the media. The media didn’t like her. They went after her and killed her.”

I am particularly looking forward to the scene where the media kill her, the martyrdom of St Julia. I do wish the venture extraordinary success (as defined by Richard Keddle , of course).

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