Major General Neville McBryde Donohue …

Some people are just not comfortable in their own skin, they just have to be someone else …Donohue-2

… whether it be the very model of a modern major-general or a cousin of Kim Jong Il (better cousin than uncle).

He was due in court last week but, as was explained in a letter from the Alfred Hospital, he was busy dying of terminal cancer. According to the Herald Sun the signature on the letter is not one the hospital is familiar with.

The ANZMI website tells us that …

We are reliably advised by ex members of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals (RA Sigs) that the “General” is in fact ex Serviceman 313847 Corporal Neville McBryde Donohue from the Kilsyth area of Victoria. He served in the Australian Army between 1970 and 1976 and was never deployed to any Operational Areas.

I’m sure we all wish him a speedy recovery …


3 thoughts on “Major General Neville McBryde Donohue …

  1. Do you ever bother to look into a story before you publish it? Or do you simply “copy and paste” information from disreputable groups like the “official sounding” ANZMI?
    If anybody had bothered to look a bit further, they would have found that all of Neville’s full time service was with the Special Forces. He was trained as a communications specialist, then Green Beret trained by the Commandos, and then by the SASR in Long Range Patrol & Recon, to complete his “basic training” as a covert operative. If the ANZMI was actually an official organisation, maybe they would have access to classified information about Neville’s highly distinguished service, in combat, in Vietnam.
    Or maybe they could have discovered that after his full time service, Neville spent 36 years part time service within branches of Special Forces and Military Intelligence.
    Over his 42 years of service Neville was involved in virtually every Australian overseas operation, and also served with distinction on “loan” to the U.S., NATO, and the U.N.
    He is entitled to wear all of his medals, but didn’t do so until after he had retired from the service – and had been advised that he was finally allowed to do so.
    Neville is too loyal to the military to make a public “fuss” and bring these ignorant people to account. It is the ANZMI who are the “pretenders” and big note themselves whilst hiding like cowards. It is them that brings shame to the Australian military community.
    Neville deserves an apology, and a big “thank you” for his extraordinary service to his country.

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