Can you trust Habib … ?

Sometimes I despair at the news.

The new racism is a reality. The way you use it is to scream racism every time you can massage the facts anywhere near enough to maybe get them somewhere close to where a one-eyed supporter of your pet cause might, at a stretch, think you a victim. Even the Liberal party will do it. What chance have we got of free speech?

Lets take an out-and-out example of racism. In the heat of the moment we let go at our footy opponent with … “You stupid black bastard!!”

We’re gone for all money. The black word gives the game away. Expect to be sitting out a few seasons. We may well point out that the word black is the only true word in the whole sentence, it will avail us nought.

Can you trust Habib? She’s a politician, right, so probably not. Especially if it’s your back against the wall, not hers. The wall, in this case, being a thinly veiled racial slur.

Her name is Habib, seems reasonable to call her that. To call her trustworthiness into account? Fine by me.

Racist? Get real.

Translator’s note.

Liberal, is the Australian word for conservative. I guess we don’t call them conservatives because they no longer believe in free speech. We don’t call them republicans because , with a few notable exceptions, they cling to the monarchy.

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