Such suspense …

Craig Thomson is sentenced

Thomson was sentenced to one year in jail but the magistrate ruled that would include nine months suspended jail time.

Thomson, 49, showed little emotion as Victorian magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg handed down the sentence before an overflowing courtroom this morning.

Mr Rozencwajg said he was in “no doubt” imprisonment was the only appropriate sentence, referring to Thomson’s “blatant dishonesty” and “flagrant and insouciant” behaviour.

Mr Rozencwajg said Thomson had exhibited a brazen sense of entitlement and lack of concern for any accountability.

“These offences were committed by you in a position of trust,” he said.

Mr Rozencwajg said Thomson had been charged with protecting and advancing the interests of HSU members and his crimes were “a breach of trust in the highest order”.

The man that Labor propped up so that he might prop them up goes down. Not for  his insouciance but for using Health Services Union money for his own purposes, including paying for prostitutes. He will appeal and will apply for bail.

My first thought is that a suspended sentence ought to involve a noose, but that is a little harsh (especially since I await sentencing for denying the climate). But really what is the point of decorating an inadequate jail term with a few months of make believe jail time?

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