University …

You can’t  send everyone to university and still expect it to be “university” as that term was understood through the previous half-millennium. It’s now a euphemism for (from the faculty’s point of view) a little light social engineering in the manners and mores of progressive conformism and (from the students’ point of view) an agreeable and undemanding extension of adolescence for another half-decade. Whether it’s worth over a trillion dollars in collective personal debt or the attendant costs in later workplace participation, later family formation and general societal infantilization is another matter. But it’s not “university”.  That awful Mark Steyn, of course.

We can all have an A in mediocrity and the left can the achieve the equality of outcome they so desire.

But how will it play out when you turn up at the hospital and your neurosurgeon has a borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder? Couldn’t happen, right …

A medical student who suffers an “extreme” fear of exams has won the right to continue her degree after a tribunal ruled the university discriminated against her because of her mental health disability.

The woman, who has a borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder, had failed to sit written exams and avoided some clinical assessments, particularly in paediatrics and surgery, because of ‘‘extreme anxiety in relation to sitting exams [and] performance assessments’’.

The University of Newcastle declined to grant the woman an extension of time to complete her Bachelor of Medicine after she had only completed three-and-a-half years of course work in an eight-year period, the maximum time allowed.

The Dean of Medicine, Professor Ian Symonds, felt there was a significant risk that she would not be able to safely work as a doctor, even if she ultimately managed to graduate, because of her psychiatric illnesses.

But the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal upheld the woman’s claim that the university discriminated against her on the grounds of disability and directed the university to grant her an 18-month extension.

I guess the members of the tribunal went to university …

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