Reproducible …


(Shamelessly filched from Jo Nova who I hope will not be suing the pants off me. Jo, these days I look a lot better with them on.)

Reproducibility is a corner stone of the scientific method. The climate science establishment seem very loath to give others the opportunity to check the working. You will  quickly unearth a catalogue of refusal to provide data if you search on for example “data refusal Phil Jones” or “data refusal Steve McIntyre”.

It happens that one Brandon Shollenberger claims to have received the data behind John Cook’s controversial study on the 97 % consensus (only 3% consensus free, folks, order yours now). He let the University of Queensland know. The free steak knives were flashing in no time …

They wrote him a letter which, at the moment, you can read <HERE>.

Jo Nova tells us what she really thinks.


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