Honour killings are morally justified …

The Sydney Opera House Festival of Dangerous Ideas was looking forward to this …

Uthman Badar, a Sydney-based Muslim speaker, writer and activist, will deliver a presentation titled ”Honour killings are morally justified” and argue that such acts are seized on by Westerners as a symbol of everything they dislike about another culture…

Joint founder and co-curator of the festival Simon Longstaff said the idea is one he had consistently nominated for six years, because the point of the event is to push boundaries “to the point where you become extremely uncomfortable”

Mr Badar is an Australian spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir, a group described by the festival as “global advocacy group working for positive change in the Muslim world via the re-establishment of the Islamic Caliphate” – a state under sharia, or Islamic law.

… but it’s been cancelled.

Must have been a push back by all those moderate muslims.

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