Anjajavy …

No roads lead to Anjajavy. It  sits on a peninsula that is not connected by road to the main highway system. We flew in …


… this time by charter plane, the redoubtable Cessna Caravan, a splendid aircraft that will carry 10 to 12 people and a sensible amount of luggage about 1000 nm at 185 knots. It will make do with a fairly short dirt strip. There is only one engine and the undercarriage is fixed. Ideal for this sort of work. (Although if you’re thinking of buying one you should also consider this alternative). A short drive brings you to paradise.


The hotel is set in gardens and looks out onto the sea, it is surrounded by native forest on a limestone landscape. Not far away there are mangroves. Coquerel’s Sifaka and Common Brown Lemurs roam the grounds. Cuvier’s oplure peeks at you through the cracks in the boardwalk (and from every webpage – if you want a good example of how far nonsense can be spread by cut and paste just google “Cuvier’s oplure” … I will demystify this creature in a post of its own).

The accommodation units are beautiful and comfortable. Anjajavy l’Hotel boasts membership of Relais et Chateaux.

The food is French and the waiters are not, what could be better than that?

Go boating, fishing, snorkelling, walking, caving, botanising, birding and take afternoon tea with the lemurs.








When we arrived the Maître de Maison, Cédric de Foucault gave us a warm welcome and brief introduction. The impact of the place was such that when, at the end of his speech, he asked “Any questions?” the one that sprang to mind was “How much do you want for the place?”

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