Above the falls …

On our last morning at Victoria Falls we were up early and headed out to explore the Zambesi river bank above the falls. A couple of hundred metres from the hotel we were reminded of Africa’s perils when we encountered a large herd of Cape Buffalo beside the road. Along with a cyclist and a couple of other pedestrians we opted to make a detour and give them a wide berth.

We skirted the enclosed area at the falls and took Zambesi Drive following the outside of the fence. This led us to the river. The bush is fairly open except along the bank. We made note of some very fresh elephant dung and proceeded with caution. At the river edge we caught sight of a guy who apparently was sleeping rough there. His first response was to duck out of sight but after a brief pause he came out and warned us of the presence of the elephant and urged us to be careful.

The target species was Rock Pratincole and we soon had some fairly distant views, to get closer we would have to swim with the Hippos and Crocodiles. We passed on that idea and made do with a photograph of an African Openbill instead …


Then, not wishing to be surprised at close quarters, we circled back through the more open country away from the river passing a number of White-fronted Bee-eaters and racking up a good list of birds …


and back to Ilala Lodge for breakfast. Joseph was waiting outside he may have wondered where we spent the night. He was sad to hear we would be leaving and was still keen to come with us. We shook hands and gave him a small present. A nice kid obliged to live off his wits.

After our cereal and fruit juice it was check out time. A drive across the border into Zambia and the airport at Livingstone. Soon the Congo.

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