Long-billed Dowitcher …

Couldn’t wait …


This magnificent creature takes McGee’s Aussie list to 717 species.

For anyone wishing to see this bird you first have to find Lake Tutchewop (in the state of Victoria). It’s just off the Murray Valley Highway. All the lakes between Kerang and Lake Boga seem to be well sign-posted except this one. Heading north from Kerang, Kangaroo Lake will disappear into the rearview mirror, some signs to Mystic Park indicate that you are getting close. Turn right at the crossroads with the Benjeroop-Cresco Road. The lake becomes visible on your right after a short while. Currently there are some road works in the middle of which there is a track that runs down towards the lake. The track heads around the lake perhaps making a complete circuit and at present is easily managed. It would be an exciting proposition after rain.

The waders, and there were many of them including some very nice Banded Stilt, were congregated on the lee shore with a very stiff westerly blowing. Once I found the congregation I searched on foot for the Dowitcher. Its breast stands out rather nicely.

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