Your rates at work …

The City of Melbourne has many trees, all as it should be in the World’s most liveable city. People can get very attached to trees. This can make it very hard for the city when it wants to cut some down. Whether to better manage their trees, or more likely, to better manage its citizens the city has a fine webpage all about its urban forest.

When you dial down to the individual tree level you have the option to email any tree that takes your fancy. And so I chose a tree that I was familiar with and wrote …

Dear Ulmus

I used to work very near to you and see you as I came in and out of the Royal Melbourne and Royal Dental Hospitals.

It is sad to see that your life expectancy is now so short (6-10 years) but you have outlived the poor old Dental Hospital and you may well outlive me. You have certainly done better than many of the gums I used to see around there.

Perhaps the increase in carbon dioxide, so necessary for a tree’s survival, will give you a boost.

All the best


and, would you believe it, the tree replied …

Hi Bob,

Thanks very much for your email, it’s nice to hear that you remember me!

Feel free to stop for a hug next time your passing by!

Love Green Leaf Elm, Tree ID 1019519

A good effort for a tree despite the your instead of you’re, (I doubt that a Quercus would make that mistake).

Glad I’m not a rate payer.

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