Clean and Green …

Ah, New Zealand …

Authorities warned parents to examine packaging for signs of tampering and supermarkets removed formula cans from shelves to storerooms so shoppers could not access them directly.

Possums being far more cuddly than babies …

New Zealand police said that anonymous letters were received by Federated Farmers and Fonterra in November 2014, accompanied by small packages of milk powder, which subsequently tested positive for the presence of a concentrated form of 1080.

The letters threatened to contaminate infant and other formula with 1080 (sodium monoflouroacetate) unless New Zealand stopped using it for pest control by the end of March 2015.

It has had the desired effect …

New Zealand is the world’s leading dairy exporter.

The New Zealand dollar dropped to a six-week low and the share market dipped on the news of the blackmail threat.

President of New Zealand’s peak farming body, Federated Farmers of New Zealand (FFNZ), Dr William Rolleston, said

he believed his organisation was targeted by the anonymous letter writer due to their support for the use of 1080 to control possum populations.

“Unlike you guys in Australia who protect your possums, they are not a welcome visitor here, I’m afraid. We do endorse the use of 1080. It’s a highly effective and safe product when used properly and it’s biodegradable, so it breaks down in the environment very quickly, it doesn’t have an impact on our native species, so it’s a very good toxin to use for dealing with what is a major issue for New Zealand.”

Source your green ABC.

Today’s discussion point, “Are babies a bigger pest than possums?”

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