Promises, promises …

Now where did I get to in the Telstra saga?

Ah, yes. The very lovely guy at the cancellation department begged for one last go. Being of saintly disposition and infinitely patient I granted it. All would be fixed on Friday last, please wait at home from seven am until ten am. Cool.

At four pm I could wait no longer, shopping needed to be done, starvation was imminent. Whilst at the shopping centre I popped into the Dodo store and organised my new internet service provider. Let’s hope that the service will begin soon. Got home and cancelled my cable connection with Telstra.

Next morning there came a knock at the door. It was the Telstra Technician. He had checked the cable connection … all was well. He thought the modem might have had the gong …

With one exception everyone I dealt with at Telstra was an absolute delight. The corporation can rest assured that its staff is a perfect ornament.

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