The Horries …

The cruise took us north from Broome, past the Lacepede Islands to the Buccaneer Archipelago and Talbot Bay.

Kimberley Cruise

The Buccaneer Archipelago consists of more than 800 islands and the vista is grand in every direction.

B Archipelago

The tidal range is enormous in these waters, there may be as much as 8 metres between the height of high and low tide. Cyanobacteria colour the rocks in the intertidal zone so you can get a good idea from the next photo. This is the famous Horizontal Waterfall at slack water. As the tide changes the water pours through with such force that at peak flow there is a difference in height between the sea and the inner bay, it looks like a waterfall, but stick around, when the tide is roaring in the opposite direction what was falling in will be falling out.


While you’re waiting you can watch the sharks.

T N Shark

To be continued …




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