The New Camera …

I’ve had it for two days now and I seem to be getting the hang of it …

Golden-headed Cisticola
Golden-headed Cisticola

I am in Melbourne for a few days so the first morning I headed to Ricketts Point on Port Phillip Bay, one of my favorite spots. A lot of birds roost on the rocks but you do need to get there early because a crowd will build up. I was there early … and the first thing to try was birds in flight in low light. Why start with a bowl of fruit?


It passed that test reasonably well.

As the light improved some colour crept into the show.




By which time it was time for a coffee from the tea house.

The next morning I was at Braeside Park, another favorite place. That’s where I found the cisticola at the top. I also found this Grey Butcherbird

Grey Butcherbird

and a Grey Teal looking into the morning sun.

Grey Teal

As the sun climbed higher I moved into the shade and found this little jewel, a Spotted Pardalote.


So the camera? A Lumix GH4. Early impressions are extremely favorable. It will get quite a work out in the next few weeks after that I will write a review.

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