Writer’s block …

Writing up the big trip to Japan was easy. I finished just as my monthly internet allotment ran out with two weeks to wait until I could get back into it. By that time I had lost the urge.

Why don’t I get unlimited access, you ask, anyone who can afford to go to Japan can surely buy a bit more broadband. The explanation is simple. I live in the bush. The block I live on has no mobile service to speak of, sometimes you can find a bar or two half way down the drive. A copper wire snakes across the countryside from the Rathscar Telephone Exchange which is housed in a small corrugated iron shed and not ADSL capable, nor is there a plan to ever make it so. The internet and I communicate by satellite. I am only permitted so much and this measly amount must be shared with my dearly beloved and her Facebook fan club.

Get used to it, Robert, you live in the Australian Bush. Japan is so exciting. There is a reason for this … you live in the Australian Bush. If you lived in Japan the Australian Bush would be exciting. So snap out of it, most of your followers don’t live in the Australian Bush so tell them what it’s like.

Well, it’s nice, I like it.


This was the view from my front gate yesterday. If you click on it you will get a better look, the back arrow on your browser brings you back here. I took it because of the cloud. We don’t see a lot of cloud. We had 11mm of rain overnight. Winter crops have just gone in, people had put it off as long as they could because of the long dry summer. That 11mm will decrease the suicide rate around here considerably.

The shops are 15km away. A pizza is a 30km round trip. I bake my own bread and make my own pizza bases. The place is alive with birds. There were kangaroos in my back yard this morning.

Do I sound excited? Well, I’m trying. Let me tell you all about baking bread.



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