The End …

On my first visit to Africa, many years ago, I watched the sunrise in Botswana. A massive, symmetrical, leafless Baobab tree slowly became silhouetted against a red sky. Then a magnificent red sun slowly emerged. It was cold but that wasn’t the only reason for the shiver that ran down my spine. This is the continent where humanity first saw the sun rise. We are all Africans. Coming here is like coming home.

This morning I saw the sunrise from the terrace of the Step Town Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda. This is the last day of this trip to Africa. This evening I will be at the airport ready to fly back to Australia. The journey has been eventful, successful, enjoyable.

In a few days I will begin at the beginning and share it with you.

4 thoughts on “The End …

  1. I also look forward to reading about your trip. I hope you’re coming back with a young ecologist . . . . or is he staying with his primate friends.

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