Farewell Uganda …

Prossy, our birding guide for the last couple of days dropped us back at the Boma.

You can’t beat local knowledge. Having a guide to help us find birds and to identify them makes a huge difference to the rate at which the list grows. Local ears are even more important than local eyes.

It brought an end to our stay in Uganda, a stay that we had thoroughly enjoyed.

There was a photo close by that we just had to take …

The burning question was … when the guy got the modelling gig, did anyone tell him what his photo would be used for? Or did they just say let your eyes light up like you’ve just received a nice surprise.

And then to the airport for a late night flight to Kigali, Rwanda, followed by a very late night drive to the Volcanoes National Park. In the next couple of posts I will share with you some photos of Golden Monkeys and Mountain Gorillas.

But whilst the blog is between countries let me editorialise for a moment. The other day, just outside Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe someone bagged themselves a lion. The lion was Xanda, he was the son of Cecil who was shot in similar circumstances two years ago. Like Cecil he was wearing a research collar and was part of a long term study.

I have photographed lions in South Africa, Botswana, very recently in Uganda and the Asian branch of the family in India. They are easily approached in a vehicle, especially if they have wandered from a national park. It is also a simple matter to conceal yourself near a kill and await their return.

I have hiked in Hwange and encountered lions on foot. It was a surprise to both parties, four humans, five lions. The lions scattered and fled.

There is no courage or skill required to kill a lion. It is the act of a coward who wishes to seem something bigger. It is beyond my understanding that someone can approach a magnificent, living and trusting animal and with a modern rifle convert it to a corpse. There is no need for it, no sense in it. It is sick.

I understand that the head will be cured and sent home to the hunter to be mounted on the wall. I do hope they leave the collar on.

way too easy – press the shutter not the trigger


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