Putting Out the Mugarbage …

Not many people get to resign at 93 years of age, Mr Mugabe can put that on his list of outstanding achievements.

Achievements like turning the foodbowl of Africa into a net food importer, reducing the country’s life expectancy by more than 18 years, attaining staggering rates of inflation and unemployment. Simultaneously he and his allies helped themselves to the mineral resources and development funds and looked after themselves very nicely.

Those allies included the Zanu-PF machine, the military and Mr Mnangagwa. They had no problem with kleptocracy enforced by violent suppression of an impoverished and long-suffering people. Their problem was the spectre of the Amazing Grace gathering the reins of power into her hands and cleaning out the old order.

What now for Zimbabwe? Probably more of the same … but it could have been worse.

Sadly, the opportunities for it to be much better were missed long ago.

The border with Zambia … Zimbabwe starts where the paint stops.

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