Bright Yellow …

and utterly stupid.

I just know from an Australian cricket perspective, we hold our heads high and I’d be very disappointed if one of our team members did that …                                        David Warner 2016

It is an enormous honour to represent your country. And that’s exactly what you do, you represent it. If you do well you enhance its reputation. If you cheat you diminish it.

I’m all for holding a trial before the execution. Steve Smith has pleaded guilty which makes that part of it quite easy. He has sought to share the blame as widely as possible but so far I think we only have his word on that, for what a cheat’s word is worth.

I was obviously nervous about it because with hundreds of cameras around that’s always the risk, isn’t it?

Said Bancroft, what a cretin, bright yellow tape – you’d have thought he would have been smart enough to conceal some carborundum in sticky tape on his fingers.

Leadership group? I doubt that we’ll see the minutes of the meeting. It matters little really, it’s more about the responsibility group. Smith as captain is the one who must ensure that sportsmanship prevails. He should be assisted by his vice captain … if he’s not too busy in a bout of fisticuffs. And the whole philosophy of the team is the business of the coach.

It’s time for the three of them to go. And I do mean go. None of them should ever have the honour of representing their country again.

One thought on “Bright Yellow …

  1. “In my day” of playing cricket, some of our bowlers would have a smear of vaseline under their armpits or use their underarm deodorant to shine one side of the ball. Mind you, we weren’t paid and were not represent our country. Tinkering with the ball is carried out by many, if not most bowlers and the biggest mistake by this lot was being caught.

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